S1 Seat

Carbon Restriction Bushing

Carbon Restriction Bushing

Used for tight tolerance restriction.

  • The bushing is pushed to the bottom of the stuffing box and provides a close tolerance clearance around the pump shaft.
  • Restricts the flow of the seal flush fluid
  • It also stops solid particles from entering the stuffing box
Teflon Bushing

Teflon Restriction Bushing

Teflon Restriction Bushing

Use in harsh chemical environments.

Bronze Bushing

Bronze Restriction Bushing

Bronze Restriction Bushing

Your gland plate can be machined to accept our distortion free seat giving all the advantages of our 'Cush-A-Lign' seat. Centering can be achieved by piloting gland into the stuffing box and the gland can be made to accept a gasket or 'O' ring for sealing against the stuffing box face.

Carbon Bushing

7" Metallized Carbon

Custom bushing for IR VEM pump.

Silicon Carbide Bushing

Silicon Carbide restriction bushings for abrasive application.

Metallized Carbon Bushing

6" long METALLIZED CARBON shaft bushings for vertical pumps.