S1 Seat


'O' Ring Centered (Mounted)
Interchangeable with most competitors. It can be used in all applications depending on the O'ring material used.

S2 Seat


Syle 'L' Clamp Seat
The "L" clamp seat is avaialble in 99.5% Alumina ceramic and solid silicon carbide and comes lapped both sides. Variety of gasket materials available to seal to the stuffing box face.

S3 Seat


Distortion Free Seat (O'Ring backed)
Your gland plate can be machined to accept our distortion free seat giving all the advantages of our 'Cush-A-Lign' seat. Centering can be achieved by piloting gland into the stuffing box and the gland can be made to accept a gasket or 'O' ring for sealing against the stuffing box face.

S4 Seat


Chem-a-lign (Cush-a-lign)
The Cush-A-Lign and Chem-A-Lign spigot into the stuffing box bore and are therefore self-centering.

Seat faces cannot be distorted by overtightening of gland nuts as gland pressure is exerted on the metal seat holder only.

S5 Seat


Cup Mount
The S1 and S5 seats will retrofit into the same seal bore or seat bored diameter. The rubber cup provides secondary sealing and cushions the seat for better alignment. Cups are available in BUNA, EPR and VITON.

S6 Seat


'T' Clamp Seat
The "T" clamp seat is avialable in 99.5% alumina ceramic and silicon carbide. Both faces are lapped. The seat self centers by piloting into the stuffing box (ANSI sizes). A variety of gasket materials available.