Custom Designed Seals

Custom Design Seals

Our engineering team can CUSTOM DESIGN mechanical seals to provide you with many years of trouble free service.

Use our EXPERIENCE to supply mechanical seals that allow your equipment to RUN LONGER and DECREASE downtime.

We have a broad range of material combinations in regards to SEAL FACES, METALLURGY and ELASTOMERS.


Our seals are designed for REAL LIFE conditions.

We can INCREASE internal radial wall thicknesses around seal faces and seats which IMPROVES seal performance in HIGH PRESSURE / HIGH TEMP. applications.

FINE TUNE spring loading to DECREASE unnecessary frictional loads and HEAT at the SEAL FACES.

INCREASE internal RADIAL CLEARANCES between rotating and stationary seal parts to better handle MISALIGNMENT and SHAFT RUNOUT.

Custom Designed Seals

Custom Designed Mechanical Seal

2.75" EV06 Boiler Feed pump mechanical seals.

Custom Designed Mechanical Seal

70mm EV17 outside mounted mixer tank seals.

Custom Designed Mechanical Seal

3.00" EV17 outside mounted mixer tank seal with modified gland.

Custom Seal

Bronze high pressure custom designed seals for flammable sealing equipment

Double Seal Assembly

3.50" double seal assy. with steady bearing installed

Mechanical Seal

Robco double cartridge seal with 3 gallon barrier fluid pot + pressure & level switches for oil refinery

Mechanical Seal

Custom designed mixer tank seal

Mechanical Seal

Robco seals made in USA

Mechanical Seal

1.687" Grundfos double "plug In" cartridge seal repaired & tested

Shaft Steady Bushings

Shaft steady bushings for batch processing mixer tanks

Custom Designed Mechanical Seals

25MM Metal Bellows seal assembly designed to handle operating temps. above 500 deg. F

Custom Designed Mechanical Seal

6" Robco EV17 cartridge seal designed to handle up to 0.25" shaft deflection

High Pressure Seal

3.00" Robco EV06 cartridge seals - High Pressure / High Temperature

Single Spring Seal

3.50" Robco single spring cartridge seals for Sewage plant

Mechanical Seal for Boiler Pump

3.375" Robco EV06 cartridge seals for high pressure / high temp. boiler feed pumps.