We manufacture our own complete line of Cartridge, Assembly style Mechanical Seals for Industrial Pumps, Compressors, Mixers, Agitators, Reactors and Beadmill units.

Robco can provide emergency repair/engineering serivces and a fast turnaround 24 hours / day, 7 days / week.

Compressor Seals Repaired by Robco of America
Collection of FRICK and MYCOM INDUSTRIAL REFRIGERATION COMPRESSOR SEALS repaired by Robco of America. Protective WAX applied to the LAPPED seal faces & seats.
Mechanical Seals Upgrade by Robco of America
These two VIKING PUMPS (KK4125) were sent into our Houston repair facility for overhaul from an ADHESIVES MANUFACTURER in Texas. The mechanical seals were upgraded to handle the ELEVATED OPERATING TEMPS. Both pumps were overhauled and pressure tested to 80 PSIG for 15 min. with no pressure drop.
Silicon Carbide Plates
Robco of America DESIGNED & had these SILICON CARBIDE WEARPLATES manufactured to be installed into HIGH RPM CENTRIFUGAL ATOMIZER units. The wear plates are SHRINK FITTED into outer HASTALLOY C276 rings.
Double Cartridge Seal by Robco of America
These are two CUSTOM DESIGNED assembly seals for a HORIZONTAL MIXER. The mixer handles Rubber compounds with Toluene, MEK, DMF, Ethyl Acetate & Ethyl Alcohol additives.
EV05 Cartridge Seal
These are 3.50" Robco EV05 custom designed cartridge seals for a splitcase pump in a water district pumping station.
Double Cartridge Seal by Robco of America
This is a 100mm Pillar double cartridge seal. We installed new Silicon Carbide & Tungsten Carbide faces and machined a new outer end Carbon Graphite seal face. Chrome Oxide coated seat was relapped flat.
Chemineer Agitator Seals Need Repair
A chemical plant in East Texas sent two Chemineer agitator seal units in to our Houston, Texas facility for repair. The seals were in extremely poor condition with a lot of corrosion and wear. Both seals required new seal sleeves and double walled cooling jackets machined. Product side rotary seal faces were upgraded from Carbon to Tungsten Carbide to handle the abrasive elements in the mixed product.
Chemineer Agitator Seals Repaired by Robco of America
The two stationary seats in each unit had been "slipping" in their housings causing wear on the o'ring sealing surfaces. This was due to the OEM seals not having anti-rotation pins installed to stop this from happening. We modified the stationary seat housings to stop this from being a future issue. These two seal units were repaired in 5 working days due to customer losing production.
This is a set of (24) nozzles comprising of a tapered Silicon Carbide insert that engages into a Hastalloy "C" housing with a tapered I.D. bore. These nozzles are installed in a 12,000 rpm centrifuge application in a chemical plant in Arkansas.
Wedgewire strainer basket
This is a custom designed Wedgewire strainer basket we had fabricated for an auto strainer unit in a chemical plant in Pasadena Texas. It has extra bands welded around the O.D. to protect the basket from the high torsional loads applied to the basket when the cleaning program kicks in.
Metal Bellows Seal
Custom designed / manufactured 25mm high temp. metal bellows seal assembly designed for a chemical plant in Pasadena Texas.
Mechanical Pump Seal
3.00" Type 8 Balanced rotary seal for a high pressure / high temp. application. We machined and fitted a custom designed outer pumping ring to aid in heat dissipation during operation. Seal is running in a 450 deg. F environment.
Polyurethane sleeve
This 24mm double mixer seal operates in a very abrasive application. End user wanted the seal repaired and have a Polyurethane sleeve machined to protect the product side rotary seal sleeve. Pic. shows the seal with the Polyurethane sleeve installed on the seal.
Mechanical Seals for Sewage Plants
(2) 90mm custom designed / manufactured mechanical seals for a sewage treatment plant in Canada. The seals have hard seal faces - Tungsten Carbide vs Silicon Carbide to handle the abrasive media.
Custom Designed Mechanical Seal
2.00" Robco EV17 custom designed / manufactured Cartridge seals for vertical mixing tanks - Texas.
Beadmill Seal Repair
95mm Netzsch beadmill double seal repaired & pressure tested - Pasadena, Tx.
Double Seal Unit Repair
3.00" Mixerpac double seal unit repaired & tested - Houston, Tx.
Mixer Seal Conversion
3.00" Lightnin Mixer Seal converted from single to double seal being re-assembled - Pasadena, Tx.
Reactor Seal Repair
80mm double Reactor seal repaired & pressure tested + new mounting flange - South Texas chemical plant.
Custom Seal Assemblies for Industrial Compressors
Custom designed / manufactured seal assemblies for industrial compressors - Louisiana.
Custom Design
Custom designed / manufactured Lip Seal for Centrifuge units - Louisiana.
Cartridge Mechanical Seal
60mm Rotary Union unit for beverage company - repaired & tested - South Carolina.
Double Mixer Seal Repaired
Pratt & Whitney double sided Carbon Seal Rings sent in for refurbishment - power plant in North Africa.
Pump Seal
3.75" EV03 double cartridge seal for Moyno Pump.
Mixer Seal Repair
Convert from single to double seal unit.
Cartridge Mechanical Seal
EV05 single spring cartridge seal.
Mixer Seal Repair
Type 8B high pressure.
Cartridge Mechanical Seal
3.25" seal for Lightnin mixer unit.
Assembly Seal
3.00" seal for 10,000 gal. mixing tank.
Mixer Seal
Ceramic lined double mixer seal.
Mixer Seal for Tank
Vertical mount mixer tank seal.
Pump Seal
Mixer Seal Repair
Sharpe mixer seal repaired and tested.
EV17 Mechanical Seal by Robco of America
4" EV17 on 12,000 gallon high pressure tank.
EV17 Robco Mechanical Seal
2.25" EV17 on subsea ROV motor operating depth 1000m.
EV05 Mechanical Seal by Robco of America
Custom seals for water and sewage industry.
EV06 Robco Mechanical Cartridge Seal
2.00" Robco EV06 Cartridge Seal.
Double Mixer Seal Repaired
Double mixer seal repaired & tested.