Mechanical Seals Repair Michigan

As the 11th largest state area-wise, Michigan ranks among the top 10 most populous US states. It’s home to many industries, which, more often than not, find themselves needing mechanical seal repair services.

Michigan is known as the automotive capital of the world. If the incentives released in 2022 are anything to go by, it has no plans to relinquish this status to other states soon. Previously perceived as a state bound by tradition, Michigan is rapidly catching up to the rising demand for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Michigan also boasts the world’s largest cement factory. This plant is located in Alpena and has a massive cement output of 2.5 million tons. Whether you manage a cement factory, run an automotive plant, or represent Michigan’s key industries, you cannot do without mechanical seal solutions.

Here are the mechanical seals and products that Robco of America brings to Michigan.

Buy Mechanical Seals in Michigan

Leakage is the most common complaint with mechanical seals, and it’s the one we’ve doubled down on by designing cartridge and assembly-style seals, which are adjusted for different applications.


Outsourcing your mechanical seal design overseas may cost less, but a design error will cost you more overall. Recruit our custom design services and build your mechanical seals locally. While we trust our engineers to get them right the first time, you’ll have a much easier time correcting any design issues with locally-made mechanical seals.

End-to-End Mechanical Packing Solutions

Mechanical packing is the best prevention measure against leaks in high-temperature and high-pressure applications. Those in the chemical, food processing, transport, petrochemical, and marine industries can seal the liquid within their seals, mixers, pumps, and agitators during extreme situations through the following packing materials:

  • Carbon graphite yarn packing
  • Valve stem packing
  • Universal packing

Liquid Mechanical Seal Solutions

You need more than a lubricant to maintain your mechanical seals in Michigan. We offer electric motor cleaners and cleaners that double as degreasers for your well-oiled machines. We also offer greasers that are resistant to oxidization and water and can take temperatures of up to 500 deg. F.

Liquid maintenance is second only to biannual preventive maintenance. While you can always entrust your engineers with the latter, we suggest outsourcing it to Robco of America.

Heat Resistant Fabrics

Heat-resistant textiles provide thermal protection to your machinery. They also have the life-saving honor of being an important component in fire protection products.

You can place a small or large order of heat-resistant textiles, including cloth, twisted or braided rope, tape, gloves, and mittens to make your workplace safer.

Industrial Gasket Solutions

Gaskets may seem like they don’t do much, but they are the lynchpin holding your operation together. Without sturdy gaskets, you may experience low pressure and constant leaks.

When you have under performing equipment, your daily output takes a serious blow. Robco of America can help you find the right gasket and mechanical seal solutions in Michigan.

Consult Robco of America About Mechanical Seals in Michigan

Discover the correct mechanical seals for your industrial application, and let us help you select, install, and/or replace soft, rubber, and metallic gaskets. Our mechanical seal solutions in Michigan also extend to emergency repairs, scheduled maintenance, and onsite and technical support.

Feel free to contact us for mechanical seal repair and replacement services in Michigan!