• Our engineering team can CUSTOM DESIGN mechanical seals to provide you with many years of trouble free service.

  • Use our EXPERIENCE to supply mechanical seals that allow your equipment to RUN LONGER and DECREASE downtime.

  • We have a broad range of material combinations in regards to SEAL FACES, METALLURGY and ELASTOMERS.


  • Our seals are designed for REAL LIFE conditions.

  • We can INCREASE internal radial wall thicknesses around seal faces and seats which IMPROVES seal performance in HIGH PRESSURE / HIGH TEMP. applications.

  • FINE TUNE spring loading to DECREASE unnecessary frictional loads and HEAT at the SEAL FACES.

  • INCREASE internal RADIAL CLEARANCES between rotating and stationary seal parts to better handle MISALIGNMENT and SHAFT RUNOUT.

Custom Designed Seals

These are 4″ shaft sleeves that have a polished Chrome Oxide coated outer surface used in conjunction with oil seals. Customer complained that the original seals failed prematurely due to sealing directly on the pump shaft. Since installing our assembly customer has increased run cycles by factor of 6 & are still sealing.

This single spring cartridge mechanical seal was designed for a vertical pump in a municipal water district in Houston, Texas. The seal has a bushing assembly that bolts onto the seal. The bushing is 6 in. long and it minimizes shaft deflection to protect the seal and increase seal run cycles.

These custom designed cartridge seals are for Blowers that are used to vent out cargo tanks on various marine vessels at the Port of Houston. The seals are designed to run in a dry condition and are designed to dissipate heat at a higher rate than a normal wet running seal.

These 80mm assembly seal sets were designed to operate in an extremely corrosive application. Metal parts machined from Duplex 2205 with Hastalloy springs and hard seal faces – Tungsten vs Silicon to handle the abrasive pumped fluid.

These various designed cartridge seals were made for the refurbishment of an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico.

3.50″ Robco single spring cartridge seals for Sewage plant

Contact Robco of America right now if you need emergency mechanical seal repair. We provide quick response service.