• We have been overhauling ALL MAKES & MODELS of AGITATOR / BEADMILL / MIXER / REACTOR seals for 25+ years.

  • Brands including: BURGMANN / CHEMINEER / FLOWSERVE / LIGHTNIN / NETZSCH and SHARPE plus many others.

  • We can help INCREASE SEAL RUN CYCLES by making recommendations in regards to MATERIALS OF CONSTRUCTION of the seal FACES / SEATS / ELASTOMERS.

  • When we QUOTE any SEAL REPAIR we send you DIGITAL PICS. of the SEAL PARTS explaining SCOPE OF WORK required so you see and understand WHAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR.

  • Send us you WORN and BROKEN SEALS and we will show you the level of SUPPORT and SERVICE we provide to ALL OUR CUSTOMERS.

Agitator Seal Repair

Mixer Seal Repair


  • Two Chemineer Agitator seal units sent in for overhaul.

  • One of the two Chemineer units stripped to evaluate for scope of work.

  •  Both agitator seals re-assembled & pressure tested to 60psig – ready to go.



  • 5.00″ double agitator seal sent in for repair.

    Agitator seal stripped down all parts were worn & in non repairable condition.

    Customer advised us to replicate existing seal. New seal made & pressure tested to 60 psi ready to go.


Mixer Seal Repair

  •  3.50″ Double sharpe mixer seal needs repair.
  • 3.50″ Double sharpe mixer seal repaired.


Mixer Seal Repair

  • 3.00″ double Lightnin mixer seal sent in for repair.

    All metal parts re-machined & polished on ring sealing surfaces. New Carbon faces machined & lapped.

    Repaired Lightnin seal re-assembled & pressure tested to 60 psi.

Mixer Seal Repair

  • (2) 3.00″ Mixerpac double seal units sent in for repair.

    One of the two units stripped down for inspection & failure analysis

    Seal unit #1 repaired & tested to 60 psi. Ready to go.

Contact Robco of America right now if you need emergency mechanical seal repair. We provide quick response service.