Custom engineered critical components to increase MTBF (mean time between failure) of your PUMPS,  MIXERS,DRYERS, AGITATORS & BEADMILLS.

We can recommend upgrades in materials of construction utilizing advanced grades of SILICON CARBIDETUNGSTEN CARBIDEMETALLIZED CARBONGRAPHITE IMPREGNATED CARBON & GLASS FILLED PTFE. These upgrades will extend the operating limits of your rotating equipment.

Custom Engineered Work

A chemical plant in Mexico sent an ATOMIZER wheel in to our Houston, Texas facility for overhaul. We installed a complete set (24 pcs.) of Silicon Carbide nozzles installed in Hastalloy outer housings into the wheel. A new lower SILICON CARBIDE wear plate with an outer Hastalloy metal band was also installed. This wheel rotates at 12,000 rpm.

This VONK CHOKE VALVE was sent in from a chemical plant in Louisiana. End user informed us that this model VONK CHOKE VALVE had a 10 week delivery for a new one. We informed the customer that we could repair the valve by cutting out the worn section and reverse engineer the internal parameters. A new valve neck and flange was machined as a one piece unit. We designed and fabricated an internal plug that would allow for the new section to be welded in place in such a way that all internal clearances were an exact match to how the valve would be in new condition. We also installed a new SILICON CARBIDE internal wear bushing. The VONK CHOKE VALVE was repaired in 3 working days.

Custom designed Ball Valve components. Tungsten seat has custom designed sealing surface to produce a longer lasting seal. Ball is Rexalloy. This material combination is producing run cycles double the original components. Installed in chemical plant in Pasadena, Texas.

6 inch long Carbon Graphite pump shaft bushings made for Houston water authority pump overhaul.

Agitator shaft lower bushing assembly with Graphite bearing sleeve press fitted.

9″ Hydro Formed metal bellows seal with Silicon carbide insert scalloped to improve lubrication and decrease pressure loading of rotary seal during operation.

Clamp Set with EDM cut “V” grooves

Contact Robco of America right now if you need emergency mechanical seal repair. We provide quick response service.