Double-Balanced Mechanical Seals

We have our own complete line of CARTRIDGE and ASSEMBLY style MECHANICAL SEALS  DESIGNED and MANUFACTURED 100% in the USA to provide years of leak free service in all manner of sealing applications.

Our seals are designed with LARGER INTERNAL RADIAL CLEARANCES which translates into more reliable operation in equipment that may have MISALIGNMENT or VIBRATIONAL issues. We have LARGER RADIAL WALL THICKNESSES on our internal parts which translates into LESS DISTORTION due to PRESSURE or TEMPERATURE fluctuations. Robco of America DOES NOT provide a one seal fits all applications type of service. Our seals are tweaked and modified for each application which gives our customers a superior product and a superior solution.

Double-balanced mechanical seals

Contact Robco of America right now if you need emergency mechanical seal repair. We provide quick response service.