Over the past 27 years we have serviced every conceivable type of Mechanical Seal / Mixer Seal / Agitator Seal / Compressor Seal & Reactor Seal. Over this time span we have gained invaluable knowledge in regards to MATERIALS of construction, DESIGN and what makes a MECHANICAL SEAL perform to its full capabilities in all types of industrial applications, including: POWER GEN. / MARINE / CHEMICAL / OIL & GAS / FOOD / PHARMACEUTICAL & MUNICIPAL WATER. Below you will find a cross section of some of the types of mechanical seals we have overhauled over the years. We provide DIGITAL PICS. with our REPAIR QUOTES so our customers get to see and understand what they are paying for. Send us your broken & worn out seals and we will show you the level of SUPPORT & SERVICE we provide to all our customers.

Below are just few examples of work rendered for our clients.
100mm Nippon Pillar Double Cartridge Seals Repair
50mm Latty Rotary Union Overhaul
Repaired / Upgraded 3.00″ Double Lightnin Seal
Double Assembly Agitator Seal Repair
Custom Designed Double Vertical Mount Mixer Seal
4.250″ Flowserve UO Cartridge Seal Repair
Emergency Dyno Mill Seal Repair
Sharpe Double Mixer Seal Repair
Mixer Seal failure
Vonk Choke Valve
Glass Lined Double Reactor Seal Repair
Chemineer Double Mixer Seal Repair
2.50″ Lightnin Mixer Seal Conversion from Single to Double Seal Set Up
Lightnin Double Mixer Seal Emergency Repair + New Impellor Shaft Machined
100mm Burgmann Double High Pressure (2,500psi) Reactor Seal Overhauled
Netzsch Double Beadmill Seal Repair