Mechanical Seals for Mixers Pumps Agitators and Compressors

Do not pay a tariff on your mechanical seals. Robco of America means 100% manufactured , assembled , tested in America.

Engineered Sealing Solutions

Cartridge & Assembly Seals

  • Complete line of cartridge & assembly style mechanical seals
  • Repair facility for all major mechanical seal brands
  • Mechanical seal failure analysis & reverse engineering capabilities
  • Emergency mechanical seal repair

Industrial Mixer / Reactor / Agitator Seals

  • All makes & models repaired including NETZSCH, Chemineer, Lightnin, Sharpe, and Pfaudler Glass Lined Reactor seals to name a few
  • We can upgrade materials of construction to increase seal run cycles
  • Reverse engineer worn out parts
  • We can turn around any Mixer, Reactor, Agitator seal overhaul faster than any other seal company

Industrial Compressor Seals

  • All makes & models of compressor seals repaired including Mycom, Howden, Frick and FES GEA to name a few
  • Failure analysis / reverse engineering capabilities

Mechanical Packing

  • Enviropak non asbestos pump & valve packings available
  • Live load & die formed rings
  • Carbon / Bronze / Teflon Bushing


  • Enviropak non asbestos pre-cut or full sheets
  • Diaphragm, vegetable fiber & rubber sheet
  • Jointex expanded 100% Pure Virgin PFE
  • Spiral Wound, Graphite Sheet

Heat Resistant Textiles

  • Thermofab non asbestos textiles
  • Available in Cloth, Rope, Tape & Sleeving (Manhole & Handhole)

Mechanical Seal for Pumps

ANSI Pump Mechanical Seals

Robco will manufacture an assembly style or cartridge style mechanical seal to fit your pumping system be it centrifugal, positive displacement, progressive cavity, or a sanitary pump. Horizontal, vertical, end suction, split case or volute style. Robco will seal it. Quickly and efficiently.

Mechanical Seal Repair

Mechanical Seal Repair

We have a 10,000 sq. ft. fully kitted repair facility. In-house CARBON GRAPHITE machining. (3) LAPPING TABLES with capability to lap up to 14" diameter parts down to 2 HELIUM LIGHT BANDS.


REVERSE ENGINEER worn out parts & UPGRADE seal face materials to INCREASE MTBF (mean time between failure).


Mixer, Agitator, Reactor & Screw Pump Repair

Mixer, Agitator, Reactor & Beadmill Seal Repair

We can service all makes and models of Reactor, Mixer, Agitator & Beadmill seals including but no limited to Lightnin, Netzsch, Chemineer, Sharpe & Philadelphia. When we quote any repair we will provide DIGITAL pictures of the disassembled seal explaining scope of work required. YOU GET TO SEE & UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE PAYING FOR.

We will also make recommendations in material options if we see an opportunity to increase SEAL RUN CYCLES.

Robco of America is quickly becoming the go to company for FAST TURNAROUNDS & COMPETITIVE COSTS.

Mechanical Seals

Mechanical Seals

Robco custom designs, manufactures extremely reliable mechanical seals that are installed in the harshest of applications around the world from OIL RIGS IN THE NORTH SEA to SUBSEA MOTORS at depths of 3KM & NUCLEAR POWER STATIONS.

Robco seals are 100% American Made.

We can design Cartridge Seals / Assembly Seals / Convert from Assembly style to Cartridge seals for ease of installation.

Let Robco of America provide you with superior fluid sealing solutions.

Mechanical Seals

Engineered Industrial Parts

Besides our Mechanical Seals & Fluid Sealing product line we can supply / manufacture parts for your plant equipment be it in Oil & Gas / Pharmaceutical / Chemical / Food & Beverage / Power Generation. We can replicate / reverse engineer your worn out parts, upgrade materials of construction to increase equipment run cycles.

If you require parts made from Silicon Carbide / Tungsten Carbide / Ceramic use our expertise & experience to get you back up & running.

Pick-Up & Delivery

Pick-Up & Delivery

At Robco of Amercia we provide pick-up and delivery services to customers located in Houston, Baytown, Deer Park, Galveston, Pasadena, the Port of Houston and surrounding areas. If OEM says part is obsolete then send it in to Robco for repair. Every repair we carry out includes a complete failure report with digital images. Call us right now for more information: 1-800-662-0585. Robco is available 24/7.

Robco of America

Engineered Sealing Solutions - Robco of America, since 1923, has provided excellent alternatives to OEM products along with reliable Fluid Sealing Solutions to U.S. industries. Robco manufactures and repairs cartridge seals and assembly seals for Pumps, Mixers, Agitators and Bead Mills including Lightnin Mixers nationally and internationally. Robco's Mechanical Seals, Mechanical Packing and Gaskets perform optimally in the harshest of environments.

Robco has been the exclusive manufacturer of the Nutech line of cartridge mechanical seals for Dixie Packing and Seal Company in Nashville TN.

Robco employees have enjoyed 100% medical insurance premiums paid for by the company since 1994. Robco management believes that the way it should be in America.


Contact Robco of America right now if you need emergency mechanical seal repair. We provide quick response service.