Robco's compression packings, gaskets & mechanical seals have provided sealing solutions to the U.S. Industry since 1923. Robco's custom built Mechanical Seals can give you superior running life on all your wet or dry rotating equipment. We can provide Application Engineering, On Site Product Training and 24 Hour Emergency Service. Robco's solutions can help you save money and that directly impacts your bottom line.


1911 - Robco started manufacturing in Canada as the Canuck Packing Co.
1923 - Robco began selling fluid sealing products in the U.S.A. through the Anchor Packing Company.
1979 - Under their own label, The Anchor Packing Company sold Robco's Mechanical Seal line.
1986 - The Anchor Packing Company went out of business.
1986 - Robco of America started manufacturing and repairing Mechanical Seals in the Houston Texas area.
1987 - Robco of America sold direct and through distribution in the U.S.A. under its' own Robco label.
1994 - Robco of America became a 100% U.S. Company when it was purchased from Robco Canada.