3 Signs It’s Time to Replace or Repair Your Mechanical Seal

The main function of a mechanical seal is to prevent leakage. It’s an important element of your pump since mechanical seal failure causes various pump malfunctions.

The seals are usually used on rotating equipment like pumps and mixers. The mechanical seal designs can range from single springs to complex cartridge seals.

Regardless of the type of seal, they all work in the same way to ensure that the machinery is operating as it should.

Time to Replace or Repair the Mechanical Seal

Pump repair and maintenance contribute to the operating machinery. Despite taking care of your mechanical seals, they tend to degrade over time. This means you may either have to get them repaired or replaced.

The deterioration can be due to normal wear and tear, bearing failures, dry-running pumps, or worn sliding surfaces. Even if the seal appears to be in good working order, it may be damaged.

Common damages include broken sleeves or severely eroded glands – problems that can halt production if not dealt with instantly.    

Conducting a Visual Inspection

Looking for repairs in a mechanical seal can be difficult without removing the pump. But, you can inspect it to determine whether there is some wear or minor leaks around the seal. Suction or discharge piping exhibits overheating – which means that the mechanical seal needs to be repaired or replaced.

Malfunctioning Pump

There may be several reasons why a pump is malfunctioning. However, if it’s not building up the correct pressure, there could be a leaking mechanical seal. In this case, the leaking seal pulls in the air, which is why the pump loses its prime. Under these circumstances, you may need to repair your mechanical seal.


Spraying Leak

A spraying leak is the most obvious indicator that your equipment needs to be repaired or replaced. If water is spraying by the shaft seal, you need to have the mechanical seal checked out.

Hire a Team of Professionals

The only way to identify whether a seal needs repairs is to hire a trained mechanical seal repair expert. Don’t wait longer until it gets too late to get it repaired. You can minimize the downtime by reaching out to our professionals at Robco of America.

Not only do we provide mechanical sealing repair services, but we also specialize in pump mechanical seal parts, valve packing, mechanical pump packing, and more. 

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