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Common Causes of Accidents in a Chemical Plant

Despite taking the necessary precautions, accidents are likely to occur in a chemical plant. By identifying the cause of these accidents, you can reduce their chances of occurring. Here’s what you need to know.

Faults of Workers

Most industrial accidents occur due to human error. When a worker fails to follow the safety rules set by the company or doesn’t use proper equipment, the risk of an accident increases. Workers are usually injured when they attempt to use improper tools for a task. As a result, the machines are damaged, creating a safety hazard.

Lack of Maintenance

Improper equipment maintenance is another reason for accidents in a chemical plant. Any equipment is prone to failure if it’s not properly maintained. Moreover, inappropriate equipment means mishandling of chemical barriers, chemical storage issues, and malfunctioning valves as well as spill kits. This can be extremely dangerous for workers working and operating near the machine.

Regular upkeep at scheduled intervals and the manufacturer’s recommendations are crucial to ensure smooth and safe operation of the equipment.

Poor Training

Improper training of the workers leads to accidents in a chemical plant, so they should be trained on how to operate the equipment correctly. They must also know where correct safety procedures should be employed while operating the equipment. They must always be prepared for unusual situations to fix the problem immediately without causing much damage.

Improper Safety Analysis

Regularly conducting risk assessment tests in a chemical plant ensures you implement best practices in terms of chemical safety management. One of the most common issues in the chemical industry is the lack of a safety risk assessment process that results in accidents.

Most investigations after an accident detect flaws in the chemical analysis and review procedures. Failing to regularly assess chemical storage and safety means putting workers at a higher risk of chemical hazards.

Mechanical seal used in the chemical industry

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