6 Common Reasons Why Your Mechanical Seal May Fail

As a factory owner, you may often ask yourself why mechanical seals fail and how to prevent this from happening? A seal is a barometer in the pump that helps the operators and maintenance personnel know about the pump’s health. Here are six common reasons why you may need mechanical seal repair.

Letting the Pump Run Dry

Letting the pump run without any liquid can be detrimental to the mechanical seal. That’s because mechanical seals can receive thermal shocks and can shatter in less than thirty seconds.


Vibrations in your pump can be caused by improper alignment, pump imbalance, and operating the pump n the best efficiency point. Vibrations can damage your equipment and cause in shortened life and damaged seal.


Please note that the faces of a mechanical seal are fragile. Therefore, whenever you have to pound the couplings on the pump’s shaft, the hammer is not your friend. Hammering will damage the seal.

A person fixing a mechanical seal

Operator Error

Installation errors and skipping the standard starting procedures are prime factors of mechanical seal failure. Starting the pump improperly can trip the monitor, causing the shaft to twist and leading to an orbital movement that results in bearing failure and seal failure.

Improper installation of a mechanical seal will lead to damaged elastomers along with other issues. The faces of the mechanical seals are very sensitive and flat. Even a film of dirt or a fingerprint can cause misalignment.

Improper Use of Seal Flush
You must ensure that you have a plan for mechanical seal flushing in place. You cant maintain your mechanical seal without a flush plan. Be mindful that if you don’t have a flush plan, contaminants and dewatered products can cause excessive erosion and heat on the seal, shortening its life.

Selecting the Wrong Seal

Lack of information and knowledge about the seal calls for installation errors and damaged seals. Selecting the wrong seal can lead to excessive caustic flushes, off-design excursions, and more.

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