3 Common Causes of Mechanical Seal Leaks

Before the invention of mechanical seals, pump shafts were sealed with soft packing rings. These were the type of shaft seals that needed a substantial amount of leakage to lubricate and cool the packing. Then came the mechanical seal, which uses two completely flat surfaces to prevent product leakage around the pump shaft.

What is A Mechanical Seal?

A mechanical seal operates on the spinning pump shaft as it passes through the non-rotating housing components. These are the components in the pump that seal the endpoint or entry point of a rotating shaft to prevent leakage of one fluid into another.

Mechanical seals work with a suction nozzle which allows fluids to enter your pump. The vanes then fill with fluid and are driven out of the pump housing through the discharge nozzle. The fluid departs via the spinning shaft due to the discharge pressure. The pump shaft seal permits the spinning shaft to reach the wet section of the pump without spilling fluids.

A double cartridge seal.

Causes of Mechanical Seal Leaks

It can be said that mechanical seals are an integral part of making a pump work properly and their failure can lead to damage to the pump. Mechanical seal failures are usually defined by the seal leak, which can have several reasons. Some common reasons are:

1.    Pressure Fluctuating

If a pump has to constantly deal with pressure downs or spikes, it can cause the pump to wear out and struggle to maintain the liquid inside.

2.    Dry Running

Dry running can occur if a pump is being run without any fluid. A seal needs lubrication on the materials around the shaft, and if there are no fluids to lubricate it can cause more friction and heat and the seal can get damaged causing it to leak.

3.    Excess Shocks and Vibration

An excessive amount of shocks and vibrations in a pump can create many problems – one of the most common ones being the damage caused to the seal. High vibration can cause big axial or radial movements of the shaft and does not only cause leaks but also makes them worse.

To avoid all these mechanical seals issues and make sure your pump is operating correctly, it is critical to use the suitable seal and get your pump maintained and checked.

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