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3 Reasons You Should Switch from Packing to Mechanical Seals


Modern industries significantly rely on the use of equipment that improves their overall energy efficiency, optimizes water usage, and ensures sustainability while reducing high operating costs. Such machinery also includes rotating equipment, compressors, and pump shafts that play a significant role in the manufacture and production of materials.

The use of sealing systems is a common practice among most industries looking to optimize equipment performance. While they initially relied on packing to seal rotating equipment, many of them are now switching to mechanical seals for all the benefits they offer.

If you’re struggling to determine whether switching from packing to mechanical seals is worth consideration, here are three reasons it’s a good idea.

Lower Water Consumption

Mechanical seals can significantly help industries looking to combat the prevalent water crisis by reducing their overall water usage. It’s because their operation requires less water in the seal chamber during mechanical seal installation. This is an excellent way to minimize water use compared to the water requirements by compression packing.

Packing can be a good sealing system only if you’re up for the task of using massive amounts of water to fill its stuffing box and ensure optimal performance. However, with mechanical seals, you’ll need little to almost no amount of water to run your mechanical equipment.

Reduced Power Usage

Getting a mechanical seal up and running after its installation requires the least amount of power usage. In fact, the power used to operate packing is 80% more than what’s required by mechanical seals. It’s because mechanical seals consist of various rotating components that prevent massive frictional energy losses during operation.

Enhanced Sealing Safety

The ultimate goal of using sealing systems is to ensure the seamless operation of compressors and rotating equipment. Mechanical seals are known for offering more sealing security than compression packing. In fact, many companies use dual mechanical seals to maximize equipment safety at all times.

The key is to work with the right mechanical seal company and seek mechanical seal repairs whenever needed to avoid industrial downtime.

a metal seal face

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