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Here’s Why Every Industry Should Use Mechanical Seals


Mechanical seals are an integral part of sealing systems employed by various industries today. They operate through a pump shaft that operates the rotating fluid equipment in a wide range of industrial environments. Any industry that involves the use of reactors, agitators, industrial pumps, and compressors requires a reliable sealing system for effective leakage prevention.

While compression packing was initially used to meet this requirement, it didn’t offer the leakage-blocking performance as well as it was anticipated to. This ultimately gave rise to the need for more advanced systems, such as the one offered by mechanical seals. Today, the industrial use of mechanical seals is the ultimate sealing method that industries like pharma, healthcare, and aerospace are adopting.


There are several reasons why it’s a better idea to use mechanical seals when you’re looking for a sealing system to comply with demanding environments. Here are some benefits these seals offer.

Prevention of Fluid Leakage

The primary function that mechanical seals perform is the prevention of fluid leakage. Powered by two seal faces perfectly aligned with the rotating equipment, mechanical seals work in unison with the industrial machinery.


The reduced friction prevents thermal buildup in industrial pumps and eventually eliminates the risk of fluid leakage. This is one of the leading industrial uses of mechanical seals, as a result of which industrial equipment tends to last longer without the need for frequent repairs.

Affordable Maintenance Requirements

Having a mechanical seal repaired is a lot more cost-effective than going for expensive and often unaffordable equipment maintenance. Incorporating mechanical seals into your agitators and pumps will allow you to enjoy optimized machinery performance without the risk of unexpected downtime.


Even if the mechanical seal fails at times, you can always work with our engineers at Robco of America to get timely and cost-effective mechanical seal repairs. This makes the industrial uses of mechanical seals more affordable.

Equipment Sustainability

Lastly, using mechanical seals is the perfect choice for industries looking to adopt environmentally friendly practices. It’s because their industrial use saves a significant amount of energy and water without affecting production processes.


Whether you choose cartridge seals or assembly-type seals, you can always be assured that every step you’re taking is sustainable.


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To learn more about mechanical seals and cartridge type mechanical seal parts, feel free to get in touch with us at Robco of America. Whether you need new mechanical seals or mechanical seal repairs with a fast turnaround time, we’ve got you covered. Contact us at 1-800-662-0585 to learn more today!