4 Signs it’s Time to Replace Your Mechanical Seal

Mechanical seal failure can lead to pump failure and resultant downtime. Why would this be the case? Mechanical seals undergo several conditions. If they’re altered in any way, the seal will have to be replaced. Here are four signs it’s time to replace your mechanical seal.

Grooves on the Seal’s Face

If your mechanical seal has got deep grooves, it’s a sign of inadequate lubrication. These grooves can also be caused by abrasive material in the fluid, like a slurry. When abrasive materials get embedded on the soft surface of the seal, the grinding process can create grooves.

To fix this, you can flush the seal using a seal flush with lubricating qualities and a steady flow. You can use face materials that can withstand the corrosive materials in the fluid. You must do your best to avoid crystallization on the face.

Slurries can lead to crystallization because of their abrasive nature. Scaling can damage the equipment. Therefore, you must ensure that you look for materials that can accommodate scaling/crystallization.


Uneven Wear Track

Perfect contact between the rings of the seal is proved with an even wear track. On the contrary, an uneven pattern will show that the seal ring is distorted because of clamping, tightening, or extra pressure.

Another reason for uneven wear patterns can be increased temperatures and the width of the hard surface. Therefore, it’s crucial to review installation techniques, guidelines, and operating conditions.

Fractured Seal Face

Mechanical seal impact and thermal shock are two reasons why your seal face can crack. When you’re tightening the fasteners, you should try to avoid over-tightening or uneven tightening. You should also maintain a seal flush plan. By doing this, you can eliminate the shocks and resulting cracks.

Cracks in the Seal Ring

Mishandling and improper installation of mechanical seal can lead to cracks and chips on the seal ring. Therefore, you must always follow the correct installation guidelines and prevent direct contact with the seal face.

These are just four of the many problems that may arise with your mechanical seals calling for a replacement. If the mechanical seals are failing recurringly, you should talk to an experienced person so that they can get to the root of the issue.

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