5 Things that can Cause Your Seals to Wear

Among the various seal failures, the wear and tear of mechanical seals can be the most catastrophic. Multiple reasons can cause your seals to wear, so an accurate analysis is necessary to eliminate future problems.

A mechanical seal is prone to wear, which can vary depending on the working conditions. This blog post will discuss some of the most common reasons for mechanical seal wear.  

Dry Running

Lack of fluid around the mechanical seal during working conditions means that the seal is not properly lubricated. As a result of dry running, friction increases the temperature on the surface between the O-ring and the sealing ring (made of elastomeric parts), causing significant damage. This abnormal temperature increases the risk of material deterioration and the burning of elastomeric parts.

Low or No Flow Wear

Obstruction in the pump’s delivery inhibits the fluid passage between upstream and downstream of the pump. As a result, it generates mechanical friction on the shaft seal, causing temperatures to rise on contact surfaces. In addition to damaging the elastomeric parts, this also increases the risk of dry running.

Improper Installation

Mechanical seal

When replacing the mechanical seal due to deterioration, it must be installed correctly and with care. An incorrect seal positioning may lead to premature breakage or damage of the O-ring or the sealing ring.

Check that the working pump pressure is less than the maximum allowed for the mechanical seal. Moreover, it’s important to avoid the seal rotating in the reverse direction to prevent wear.


Abrasion is the accelerated seal wear due to external influences. Some of the reasons may be – insufficient lubrication, contamination, a damaged sliding surface, or a rough surface finish. For maximum seal performance and durability, mechanical seals must have a high-quality surface and finish.


Extrusion refers to the seal damage caused due to the gap between the sliding surface and the housing. Excessive gaps lead to seal deformity under pressure causing the material to break. Changing the seal material or operating conditions are likely to prevent extrusion.

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