Mechanical seals for the refrigeration industry

A Guide to Industrial Applications of Refrigeration

Mechanical seals for the refrigeration industry

Industrial refrigeration refers to the accessories and equipment designed to eliminate heat from large-scale materials or processes, lowering temperatures to the desired value. Based on parameters such as temperature difference, production scale, and expected temperature, multiple methods are used to apply industrial refrigeration.

Refrigeration is commonly required in pharmaceutical, petrochemical, as well as food and beverage industries to maintain the temperatures of different products and processes and conserve them in their optimal conditions. Refrigeration is also necessary to create safe working conditions to avoid accidents and prevent harmful chemical reactions. This guide will walk you through some refrigeration applications in industries.  

Electricity Generation

Electricity production involves the combustion of different fuels. Higher efficiency can be achieved by determining the conditions of inlet air. If its temperature is extremely high, the density lowers, leading to a decline in electricity generation. To prevent this issue, systems such as turbine inlet air cooling are used to cool down the air streams.

Other distribution systems and production parts such as distribution plants or electric generators also produce heat while operating. Refrigeration systems are necessary to lower maintenance operations.


The pharmaceutical industry involves operations where compliance with strict conditions is essential. Moreover, several production procedures involve biochemical or biological reactions that take place only in strict conditions where microbiological species produce chemical compounds.

So pharmaceutical firms must handle their products in clean and disinfected rooms. Strains for medicine and drugs are also stored in controlled conditions and at low temperatures.   

Food and Beverages

Maintaining a cold temperature in the food and beverage industry is crucial to avoid microbiological contamination. There are unique storage and preservation requirements for each product. Temperature is one of the most important factors to consider during the preparation process to ensure food safety.

Refrigeration systems are also necessary to keep fruits, milk, dairies, fish, and poultry and extend the consumption period.


Temperature regulation in the chemical and petrochemical industry helps achieve high efficiency in transformations. Condensation, crystallization, and distillation are a few processes that require heat removal, so refrigeration systems such as large-scale cooling plants are essential.

Custom seal for the refrigeration industry

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