All You Need to Know About Heat Resistant Textiles and Their Industry Application


Heat-resistant textiles can be manufactured in many forms and used for various industrial purposes. Each kind of heat-proof fabric is made to fit the needs of its application, and here is all you need to know about it.

What are Heat-Resistant Textiles?

Any fabric that has the property to insulate a surface thermally is known as a heat-resistant textile. It can be made from silica or glass fiber and endure high-temperature flames.

Types of Heat-Resistant Textiles

There are two different types of heat-resistant textiles that have separate industry applications.

1. Coated Textiles

An ordinary fabric can be coated with a protective layer that makes it usable in extreme environments. This textile can also offer resistance against certain chemical substances and Ultraviolet rays.

2. Silica or Glass Fiber Textiles

These fabrics can endure a temperature beyond 900oC due to their low heat conductivity. It is used as a barrier or a shield during many industrial operations.

Applications of Heat-Resistant Textile

The heat-resistant fabric has the following uses in the commercial sector.


1. For Welding Operations

Heat-protective fabric can serve as a shield for sparks and flares during welding. The use of this fabric is mandated in many commercial facilities that conduct high-heat operations.

2. Stoves and Ovens

Thermofab rope manufactured by Robco of America can be used for its heat-resistant property for sealing stoves and ovens. This product is also widely used for filling in furnace doors and many other spaces.

3. Airplane Manufacture

When an airplane is in operative mode, it has to protect the internal cavity from heat produced by the engine. The heat-resistant fabric serves as a shield here.

4. Robotics Industry

Heat-resistant textiles are commonly used in robotics to keep valuable equipment safe during intense operations.

5. Use As Liners

Many industries that carry out high-heat operations heavily rely on heat-resistant textiles. This fabric can be used to line the inner cavity of a furnace and repel heat.

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