When to Contact a Seal Repair Company? Find Out

Mechanical seals have various maintenance needs which need to be met on time. A malfunctioning seal can disrupt industrial operations if not addressed promptly. Many minute issues can be rectified without external help. But only an expert can identify early warning signs in machinery. Taking the help of professional mechanical seal repair services can prevent many long-lasting damages to your equipment. Here are a few mechanical seal problems that require the immediate attention of a trained technician.

1. Appearance of Grooves

When a seal undergoes excess pressure, it may develop a notched texture on its surface. Insufficient lubrication may be the reason behind this problem. Using a mechanical seal past its lifespan can also de-shape its structure. A seal with this issue may fail soon without warning, and you need to call a seal face lapping service for immediate repair. The seal can be salvaged if the damage is limited or might need replacement.  

2. Squealing During Operation

Never ignore a squealing sound that comes from a mechanical seal. It could indicate friction or displacement of integral mechanical parts in a piece of equipment. Contact Robco of America from anywhere around the US and avail our technical support services to find out the root cause of this sound.

3. Uneven Wear

When installed inappropriately, a mechanical seal may have an uneven wear track. An experienced seal repair professional can guide you on easy ways to solve this problem.

4. Crack or Breakage

Small cracks in a mechanical seal may disassemble the whole unit soon. Explain the situation to Robco of America’s competent technicians, and we will take care of it right away.

5. Seal Face Damage

A mark or fracture on the face of a mechanical seal may not affect its operation, but it could indicate a serious problem. Prevent your machinery from thermal shock by giving us a call right away.

6. Carbon Dust

You may notice carbon dust collecting on the surface of a mechanical seal if it lacks lubrication. Invest in a high-quality lubricant and use the equipment as recommended by our industry experts.

Robco of America is recognized across Texas for its mechanical seal repair and replacement services. We take pride in timely resolving all our client’s seal-related issues, both on-site and off-site. Visit our products and services sections to learn more about our company.

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