Dos and Don’ts of Maintaining a Pumping System

Pumps are the most critical part of any industrial process and the second most common machine worldwide. However, a majority of maintenance engineers, plant managers, and production supervisors tend to forget that malfunctioning pumps can also be a potential cause of excessive operational costs or declining productivity.

Use Premium Quality Mechanical Seals

A majority of pump makers use mechanical seals for sealing purposes. They help in reducing friction and control power loss. The surfaces of mechanical seals are typically lubricated with a fluid film and are kept at an ideal distance to reduce friction.

In addition to this, mechanical seals also help you make sure that there’s no product leakage in the system. If a mechanical seal will be installed properly, it can also help protect the equipment.

Avoid Fluid Contamination

About 85% of the bearing failures take place as a result of contamination from dirt, and other foreign materials.

The bearings of your pump indicate its health and performance. It’s best if you operate a pump at its best efficiency.

Fluid properties such as gravity, viscosity, pH are the key factors that may affect the pump’s life. Try to keep the pump dry and try not to fill them up with oil before storage. If not, the oil may separate and freeze and cause serious damage to the pump.

Don’t let it Rust

Rust can swiftly destroy the pump’s performance over time. Make sure that all the exposed metal of the pump is properly coated with a high-quality rust inhibitor before storage. You can also spray a thin coat of LPS-3 or a similar element on the coupling and the shaft to make sure that the pump doesn’t rust. A thin layer of LPS-3 helps to protect the equipment from the air, moisture, and other corrosive elements.

How to Repair a Mechanical Seal?

If you’re looking for an adequate mechanical seal rebuild for your pump, you’re at the right place. High-quality mechanical seals are critical for maintaining an industrial pump over a long time. To repair a mechanical seal or to replace it,  seek help from a reputable company that employs state-of-the-art methods to design, rebuild and repair. We highly recommend you to check if they offer finite element analysis to assess the device’s performance and examine its behavior.  

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