Mechanical Seals for the Chemical Industry

The industry involves chemical processes like refining methods and chemical reactions to transform raw materials like water, oil, natural gas, air, and minerals into over 70,000 different products.These finished products include ceramics, agrochemicals, rubber (elastomers), petrochemicals, polymers, oleo-chemicals (waxes, oils, and fats), flavors, and fragrances. Most of the manufactured products are used to manufacture other items, and consumers directly use a limited number of products.

Equipment Used

Chemical processes and reactions in chemical plants produce new substances in different types of vessels. These reactions are usually carried out at high temperatures and pressures in corrosion-resistant equipment.

Products from these reactions are then separated using fractional distillation, crystallization, precipitation, sublimation, drying, and absorption. It’s also essential to assess the design of mechanical seals used in the processing machinery.

Mechanical Seals

Most mechanical seals used in the chemical industry are designed to work with aggressive fluids and other hazardous liquids and pollutants. These liquids can also reach extreme temperatures during an operation, so the mechanical seals must be designed to resist harsh operating environments.

They must have top-level reliability to allow effective procedures while maintaining safety and functionality. These mechanical seals are made from chemically inert materials based on the sector’s use.

Robco of America complies with all production standards and regulations underlying mechanical seal production for the chemical industry.

Properties and Applications of Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seals in the chemical sector are commonly made from duplex steel, tungsten carbide, stainless steel, silicon carbide, carbon, fluor-elastomers, EPDM, titanium, coatings on metal parts, and PTFE encapsulated elastomers.

Moreover, their applications in this sector include mixers, volumetric pumps, horizontal and vertical agitators, centrifugal pumps, and centrifugal separators.

These mechanical seals are easy to repair and offer resistance to chemical aggression and abrasion, excellent reliability, and extended service life.

Mechanical seal in a chemical industry operation

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