The Common Signs You’re Due a Gasket Replacement

Gaskets are an important part of any engine or system that requires stable pressure and flow to run properly. A sturdy gasket in the right place can help your engine to run more efficiently and help you avoid a lot of mechanical seal troubles. Broken or damaged gaskets should be replaced to make sure your equipment is running smoothly.

What is A Gasket?

Gaskets can simply be defined as a seal that bridges the gap between two surfaces and holds them together. They are used to create a compressed static seal between two surfaces by compressive forces and are used to seal flanges, joints, and other surfaces to prevent leaks. Gaskets may be made using a variety of procedures depending on the use and material.

When to Replace Your Gasket?

Three boiler gaskets.

A common misconception is that gaskets are only used in cars, but these seals are multifunctional and are used for a number of industrial applications. A gasket should be able to create a strong seal and maintain it for a long time.

So, when do you know it is time to replace your gasket to ensure smooth operations?

There are some common signs you need to look out for to know when your gasket is due a replacement. These include:

  • When the gasket is unable to seal the system fluid
  • When the gasket is unable to provide chemical resistance to the fluid system and is unable to prevent damage
  • When the gasket loses its resilience to the load applied
  • There are signs of corrosion
  • The fluid is getting contaminated
  • The surface is leaking
A metal gasket.

There are some common functions that a gasket is expected to perform to make sure the industrial system is running properly. Gaskets are available in soft, metallic, and rubber material in a range of sizes depending on the requirements of the system.

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