The Different Types of Mechanical Seals

A mechanical seal helps fix a mechanical system and prevent leakage. These are also helpful in maintaining pressure and preventing contamination. The growing demand for seals in HVAC, automotive, food, beverages, agriculture, mining, water, and wastewater industries has caused the mechanical seals market to grow dramatically. It’s expected to hit $4.6 billion with a CAGR of 5.2% by 2025.

To cater the demand of a wide range of industries with very different processes, there are various types of mechanical seals, each with a different design, purpose, and application. Here are some of the most commonly used seals.


As the name implies, these are circular shaped seals that can be used for both static and dynamic applications. The compressions on the O-ring helps to make it fluid tight and makes it resistant to high temperatures and pressures. 

Cartridge Seals

These consist of a seal, a shaft gear, and gland plates. These are self-contained mechanical devices that are pre-assembled. This makes it easy and less time taking to install and remove them.

Radial Shaft Seals

Radial shaft seals also commonly known as the lip seals consist of a metal strip and an elastomeric diaphragm. These are used to seal bearing components of elements such as the rotating shafts. They help to prevent intrusion of contaminants into the system. They can also prevent leakage by wrapping around the circumference of the rotating component. 

Chemineer seal parts repaired ready for assembly .


These are commonly made up of flat elastomeric and are used to fill the space between a joint of a stationary component to ensure there’s no leakage. These can also be used as secondary seals for static components. They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and materials.

Axial Shaft Seals

Axial shaft seals are also commonly known as face seals. They’re used to prevent leakage of fluids and intrusion of contaminants along rotating shafts. These seals consist of stationary and rotating components along with spring-loaded and secondary seals.

Labyrinth Seals

These seals consist of two rings. There’s a grooved path between the two rings, which prevents the fluid from escaping the system. These seals are good for non-contact sealing on a rotating component.

Bellow Seals

A bellow seal is a dynamic primary seal that can also function as a spring for reciprocating equipment processes. These are commonly made of metal, plastic, or elastomeric components. They also contain a secondary static seal.

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