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3 Tips For Keeping Your Industrial Equipment Up And Running

Jobsites are unforgiving, dirty places. After a day of hard work, your equipment needs a rub down to ensure that it runs in the best possible way and for longer. Proper maintenance also ensures that your workers work in a safe environment.

According to a 2019 report from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were over 5,333 fatal work-related injuries. Therefore, keeping your industrial equipment up and running can ensure a culture of productivity and safety. Here are some tips that’ll help you ensure that your equipment is running efficiently.

Know What the Motor Needs

While it’s obvious advice, it’s worth repeating that you must keep your tools clean. Moisture and dust are detrimental to your equipment. Due to OSHA’s new regulations regarding silica dust, all tools will need dust control solutions.

The best way to ensure that your equipment is free of dust is to use an air compressor and focus on the areas with a lot of motions, like the saw blade or the footplate.

You must also be aware of what your equipment needs to run smoothly. For instance, you should know that a worm drive saw requires annual oil replacement. If you notice a lot of sparks, it’s time to replace the brushes on the motor.

Assembly seals

Observe the Cords

Although cordless tools are gaining a lot of traction, cords are still an integral part of the equipment. You must examine the extension cords and device cords to ensure that there are no exposed conductors or tears.

Safety officers usually keep a roll of colored tape. When the cord passes the safety test, they mark it with the color. This practice ensures that the equipment is well maintained and running.

Maintenance Starts with Your Team

While following the protocols mentioned above can ensure that your equipment runs smoothly, the best way to ensure equipment maintenance is to train your staff. Trained staff will instill confidence in you that your equipment is being used and maintained the right way to ensure longevity. As they’re trained, they’ll follow the instructions well and prevent the equipment from getting damaged.

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