Selecting the Right Gasket: A Guide

Gaskets are used to seal two surfaces by creating a compressed static seal. This seal results from compressive forces created from bold load and can fill all the imperfections of the mating surfaces that require sealing.

At Robco of America, we have gasket solutions that’ll suit your needs. Here’s a guide to selecting the right gasket.

Factors Affecting the Gasket Choice


Temperature is a vital factor in selecting the gasket material. When ts comes to sealing gasketed joints that require higher temperature, you can easily eliminate potential choices. When the operating system temperature goes above the maximum temperature withheld by the gasket material, you should choose the next possible option.

Chemical Compatibility

The gasket material should be chemically compatible with the media that has to be sealed.

Pressure at the joint

You must consider the internal pressure of the fluid when considering the gasket material. If the pressures are high in the cycling processes, you should use a more robust gasket material.


The application entails all factors like the grade, size, and the number of bolts used to create compression on the sealed joint.

As temperature and pressure are inextricably linked, it’s vital to consider them in relation by measuring the PXT (pressure x temperature) value. You must review the gasket material specifications. If the values are near the maximum limits, you should look for a more robust material.  

Machine parts

Factors Influencing Gasket Performance

The gasket serves a single function of creating a seal between two stationary parts. The gasket should do three jobs perfectly:

  • Create a strong seal
  • Maintain the seal for a long time
  • Be removed and replaced easily

The performance of a gasket depends on the following factors:

  • Seals the system fluid
  • Chemical resistance to the fluid system to prevent damage of physical properties
  • Resilient enough to maintain the load applied
  • Withstanding system temperatures without any severe deficiencies in performance
  • Is strong enough to resist crushing under the load
  • Doesn’t promote corrosion
  • Doesn’t contaminate the fluid

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