5 Signs You Need to Repair Your Mechanical Seal

Repairing your mechanical seals at the right time can help prevent seal failure. An imminent mechanical failure might not be very evident. Therefore, it’s important to have regular seal inspections to ensure your sealing is in good condition. But that’s not it! There are signs you can look out for to know if your seal requires a repair. Here’s a list of all the signs that you should look out for to extend the life of your seal.

Grooves on Seal Face

If there are visible groves on your seal face, this means your mechanical seal needs immediate repair. Grooves on your seal can appear due to two major reasons: inadequate lubrication and abrasive process fluids. To prevent this, install a flushing plan. It’ll help keep the seal lubricated and will also wash off the abrasives.

Malfunctioning Pump

If the pump doesn’t have the same pressure as it once did, this is a major indication of leakage. Get your seal inspected if you’re encountering this issue. If your mechanical seal has a leak, get it repaired.

Spraying Leak

Sometimes a leak can be way more evident than a malfunctioning pump. Your pump might have fluids spraying out of it. This can be dangerous, especially if the fluid is toxic. Take immediate measures to get your seal repaired.

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Abnormal Wear Track

It’s normal to have a wear track on your seal face; however, it should be even. An even track indicates good contact between mating seal rings. If you have an abnormal or uneven wear track, this might not be a good sign. An abnormal wear track generally indicates a distorted seal ring. This distortion can occur due to various reasons such as over-tightening, excessive pressure, and clamping.

If you witness an abnormal wear track, get your seal inspected. If this indeed is due to mating seal distortion, repairing your seal can prevent seal failure.

Cracked Seal Face

Cracks on your seal’s face are another thing you should be super careful about. These cracks could be due to mechanical impacts and thermal shocks. Investigate the root cause of shock or thermal impact, whatever is true for your case, and take steps to eliminate them. It’s important to take the right steps at the right time; otherwise, your seal can fail completely.

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