5 Benefits of Using Mechanical Seals

Mechanical seal is an effective industrial sealing solution. Although gland packing has been used for sealing for the longest time, mechanical seals have become just as popular due to their various benefits. Although you might want to go with gland packing due to the low upfront cost and easy installation, the benefits of a mechanical seal often outweigh the benefits of gland seals. Here are some benefits of mechanical seals that will totally convince you to use them as your sealing solution.

Lower Overall Cost

Gland seals have almost 5 to 10 times more leakage rates than mechanical seals. Correctly designed and properly fitted mechanical seals have no leakage. As a result, there isn’t any product loss. Gland packing may also require repeated replacement due to product loss, which eventually increases the overall cost of sealing. Although the upfront cost of gland packing is low, the repeated replacement makes it way more expensive than mechanical seals.

Lower Power Consumption

Installing a mechanical seal may reduce your power consumption. As gland seals have a greater leakage rate, it’s hard to build pressure with a gland packing, which then uses up greater power. Mechanical seals don’t allow leakage and therefore consume less power.

Increases Bearing Life

Most of the bearing failures occur due to contamination. As seals are located close to the bearing, they must prevent contamination as it can affect the service life of bearings. Gland packing doesn’t just allow leakage, it also falls short in preventing contamination. It’s, therefore, important to use mechanical seals which can completely eliminate leakage and contamination, extending the life of your bearings.

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Low Maintenance Cost

Gland seals require more maintenance than mechanical seals. As gland seals don’t eliminate leakage, you must perform regular maintenance to keep the leakage under the desired limit by replacing packing if there’s too much product loss. Moreover, you also need to maintain the tightness of the packing. Too loose packing can lead to leakage, and too tight packing can cause it to burn. Mechanical seals don’t require such regular maintenance. However, it’s good to get your seal regularly inspected.


As gland packing leaks, it can be hazardous for health, especially if the fluids are corrosive and toxic. It’s also harmful to the environment. As mechanical seals can eliminate leakage, install these to eliminate workplace hazards and protect the environment.

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