Top 5 Things to Consider When Selecting a Mechanical Seal

Specific mechanical seals serve specific purposes. Not all seals are fit for all operations or processes. Therefore, it’s important to check if the seal is compatible with your processes and operations before making a purchasing decision. Following are some of the things that should be considered when buying a mechanical seal.


The material of the seal must be able to withstand the fluid involved in the process. You must find out all the liquids and gases involved in the process and make sure the material of the seal doesn’t react with any of these. If the material of your seal isn’t chemically compatible with the fluids of the process, it can lead to seal failure.


To know if you need a balanced or unbalanced seal, you need to know the pressure in the seal chamber and size. The range under which a seal can function is mentioned under its operating conditions. Make sure the pressure remains within the mentioned operating conditions of the seal. Anything above or below the optimum conditions can damage the seal.


Make sure that the seal material can withstand the temperature of the liquid. Every mechanical seal has certain operating conditions. Make sure that your seal operates within the mentioned temperature range. Working beyond the range can hurt the seal. If the operating conditions of a seal don’t match your process conditions, the seal isn’t suitable for your processes.

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Liquid Abrasiveness

Liquid abrasiveness is also an important consideration when selecting a seal. If the liquid is indeed abrasive, you might want to go with a double seal. You can also install a flush plan along with the seal to ensure proper lubrication, extending the life of your seal.

Reliability and Emission Concerns

Every company has its reliability and emission concerns and criteria. Make sure the seal and the seal arrangement you choose meet the reliability and emission standards set for the procedure by your company.

Make sure to consider all the things mentioned above when making your buying decision. Ensure the material of the seal is compatible with your process fluids and all the working conditions. Buying a seal that’s compatible with your overall process will extend the life of the seal.

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