6 Precautions to Take When Installing a Mechanical Seal

Proper installation of a mechanical seal is crucial to its service life. The majority of seal failures occur due to improper seal installations. It’s, therefore, crucial to take all the right precautions when installing your seal. Make sure to hire a proper seal installation expert. Even a small installation mistake can completely ruin the seal leading to a financial setback. To make sure you don’t go through this, here are all the things you need to be careful about when getting your seal installed.

Follow the Guide

No matter how many mechanical seals you’ve installed, make sure to always follow the guide. Different mechanical seals may have different installation processes. Stick to the process, and you’re good to go.

Protect the Seal Face

The seal face can be quite delicate. Don’t remove the seal face protector until and unless you’re ready to install. Make sure not to place the seal with its face down anywhere as that too can lead to damage. Also, avoid touching the seal face; even the slightest of dirt or dust can affect the seal face.

Check for Misalignment

It’s important to check for misalignment before you actually install the seal. There’s a certain degree of misalignment that every seal can take. Make sure the misalignment, if there’s any, is within the given range. Any misalignment beyond this can severely impact the seal and can even lead to seal failure.

Check for Concentricity

The clearance between the shaft and the gland should also be checked. Make sure the circumference is uniform. Avoiding checking the clearance can lead to concentricity issues, which can lead to seal leakage and failure.

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Lack of Proper Lubrication

Lubrication during installation is just as important as while functioning. Make sure to use adequate and correct lubrication. Check the installation guide to see which material will work the best for your seal. Always remember, not all lubricants are suitable for all seals. Always check the right lubrication for your seal before applying any.

Over-Tightening Fasteners

Although tightening fasteners may seem the best way to prevent any leakage at all, it can sometimes be a contributing factor in seal leakage. Therefore be careful when tightening fasteners in a mechanical seal as it can lead to seal components becoming distorted.

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