When And How To Repair a Damaged Mechanical Seal

Mechanical seal parts are essential components of industrial machines and equipment. The market size of the mechanical seal parts industry is projected to reach $4.77 billion by 2026. The increase in demand for these components is driven by sectors using pump and compression machinery.  

Due to the increase in mechanical seal parts, it is vital to understand why they wear out and when it is appropriate to replace or repair them. It is crucial to gauge the condition of these components to avoid any breakdowns. 

What Is A Mechanical Seal?

Mechanical seal parts are used to provide a seal to the entrance and exit of mechanical equipment. They are commonly used on rotating machines such as pumps to provide fluid sealing solutions where it is vital to stop the gas or fluid from escaping.

We provide effective mechanical seal solutions—ranging from cartridge mechanical seals, ANSI pump mechanical seals, and reactor seals.  

When to Get Mechanical Seal and Service Repairs

Regular mechanical seal services and a maintenance plan is a vital part of functioning machinery. As machines work rigorously, the mechanical seal parts fitted are bound to degrade over time, and depending on their condition, they will need repairs or eventual replacement. This wear and tear can occur due to several reasons, such as inadequate lubrication or bearing failures. 

You can get an idea of the condition of your seal by conducting routine inspections. Even if the face of the seal looks good, it still may be damaged. However, you may be able to see minor wear and leaks by inspecting the seal. If any of that occurs, it might be best to get your seal repaired or replaced to prevent further mishaps. 

If you cannot gauge your seal’s condition, it might be a good idea to get technical assistance from our mechanical seal repair experts. They can provide a comprehensive seal failure report.  

Mechanical seal failures are common causes of rotating machine breakdowns. If your pump is not building pressure or you can see fluid leakages, it might indicate that your seal has broken down, requiring a mechanical seal overhaul or new parts. 

picture showing the repair of a mechanical seal

How to Repair A Mechanical Seal

Repairs of a mechanical seal will depend on the type and condition of the product you have. Repairing can be a difficult task as it needs careful planning and attention to detail. That’s why, it’s recommended to hire experts, such as Robco of America, who can provide on-site assistance in repairing your mechanical seal.

At Robco of America, our mission is to provide mechanical seal and service repairs without compromising on quality. We have highly trained experts who can provide technical assistance and a detailed overview of your mechanical service needs.

Our in-house repair facility allows us to repair any mechanical seals with a fast turnaround time. Contact our team of technical experts today by calling 1-800-662-0585 or email mailto:sales@robcoamerica.com.

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