Month: June 2021

What To Consider Before Buying A Custom Gasket

Gaskets and mechanical seal parts are an essential part of machinery or equipment. They are components used to provide fluid sealing solutions between two mechanical components. The global industrial market size stands at $9 billion in 2020 and is projected to reach $11.6 billion in 2025. 

Compression Packing: Here’s How It Works

Compression packing and fluid sealing solutions have been used for more than 5,000 years when horsehair was coated with animal fat for lubrication and sealing. Since then, with advancements in technology, compression packing has evolved, and greater scrutiny has been placed on fluid leakages. 

Here’s How Mechanical Seal Failure Affects the Pump Shaft

Mechanical seal parts are used in many industries such as metals and mining, petrochemical, food and beverage, and oil and gas. Seals are a crucial part of a process pump, and they have a direct link to the operation of the machine. It is vital to have quality engineered industrial parts as they contribute to the performance of …

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